Angels In America: Millennium Approaches

By Tony Kushner


Intiman Theatre

Seattle, WA



SET - Jennifer Zeyl

LIGHTS - Robert Aguilar

SOUND - Matt Starritt

COSTUMES - Mark Mitchell

PHOTOGRAPHY - Chris Bennion



Millennium Approaches is a play about security and certainty being blown apart. In its structure the play is destination driven, tight, rhythmic, clean.


Three acts.


There is more for our audience to connect to in Angels in America than ever before. This snapshot of a specific time has become a universal tale. Tony writes about catastrophe in minority communities – AIDS, racism, misogyny, homophobia. It doesn’t take much work to transmute these stories. More than ever Americans are alienated by crumbling structures and systems.


There are many plagues – medical, financial, social, political, and they strike in so many ways. First to be hit, and hit first perhaps because of their placement, are those on the outside the mainstream. One could argue that the characters in this play were some of the first victims (and perpetrators) of an America unwinding that may have yet to climax. This doesn’t mean equating the experiences of victims and survivors of the AIDS crisis with those going through foreclosure or defaulting on loans. But it does mean a large majority of Americans are now suffering – and are alienated - in ways once reserved only for those on the fringe.


More than ever there is need for hope.



“Intiman artistic head Andrew Russell pulls off this Tony and Pulitzer Prize-honored opus about AIDS and Reaganism, Mormons and homophobia, personal and public angels with a new cast.”

- The Seattle Times


“Kushner’s ‘Angels in America’ still soars in local production”- The Seattle Times


“From our current Obama-era vantage point, the epic still flies in the sensitive, respectful hands of Russell and eight Northwest actors.” - The Seattle Times


“All hail Intiman’s Angels in America” - CityArts


Millennium Approaches opened last week and it's a spectacularly acted, pristine production of an intricate story. This epic production is more than the sum of its impressive parts.”

- CityArts


Angels in America Opened Last Night at Intiman and It's Amazing...You need to get tickets.”

- The Stranger


“...its scope and fearlessness open the door to the kind of powerful live performance that only comes around once in a while. Forgive any political quibbles and see the damn show.”

- The Stranger